CORVALLIS - An Oregon State University emeritus professor has written a new book aimed at athletes and coaches who wish to learn more about the principles of strength and power lifting.

The author, Patrick O'Shea, has spent some 40 years as an athlete, coach and professor in the field of exercise and sports science. At the age of 65, he still can bench press 330 pounds and deadlift a quarter of a ton.

His book, "Quantum Strength and Power Training," covers a number of topics, including:

  • The neuromuscular and neuropsychological basis of strength - or how the mind and body work together;


  • Machine training versus "free weights";


  • The importance of cross training, using different athletic pursuits to avoid burnout;


  • Weight training for women, seniors and teenagers;


  • The mechanics of lifting, different workouts, avoiding injury, and how the body responds.

O'Shea said the book is designed for high school and college coaches, and for athletes who are interested in improving strength and power performances. It's never too late to begin weight training, he said, pointing out that strength can help improve the quality of life for people of all ages.

"The whole key to longevity in sports is variety," said O'Shea, whose average week includes two swimming workouts, two weight-lifting workouts, and 3-4 workouts on stair climbing and stationary bike machines. "In the summer, I do a lot of backpacking. Workouts just sort of flow along with the seasons."

The 256-page book, "Quantum Strength and Power Training," is available through the OSU Book Store for $32 plus shipping and handling.

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Pat O'Shea, 541-752-1914