CORVALLIS - Oregon State University appears on its way to setting a new high in recycling, with the campus reclaiming about 1,050 pounds of paper per student in 1996 - a 10 percent jump from 1995 figures, said David Garcia, campus recycling coordinator.

During 1995, OSU recycled 1.37 million pounds of paper, which was a 17 percent jump over 1994, Garcia said. Now, with only three months left in 1996, the figure is up 10 percent from last year.

"Based on information from our yearly waste audit, this gain is due to increases in both the rate of recycling and the use of paper," he said.

Recycling efforts continue to grow at the campus of about 14,000 students. About 46 percent of all OSU's waste is recycled and of the remaining 54 percent thrown in the trash, 21 percent could be recycled.

In an effort to reduce paper use on campus, the university is launching a campaign to convince staff and students to use both sides of every sheet of paper.

"By using both sides of every sheet of paper, we reduce the amount of paper and the amount of file cabinet space required. Our goal this year is for all students to be able to turn in assignments on double-sided paper and for all office correspondences and forms to be double-sided," Garcia said.

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