CORVALLIS - Gourmet food will help build homes for low-income families this spring as Benton Habitat for Humanity stages its third "Oregon State University's Great Chefs" program.

Chefs at OSU sorority and fraternity houses will host a series of five fund-raising feasts starting April 4. Tickets prices vary depending on entrees and range from $25 to $60 per person.

Proceeds will fund construction of one home this summer and three additional homes in the next two years. For reservations and information on "A Vintners Dinner," "A Sunday in Spring," and "An Armenian Feast," contact Cheri Galvin at 541-752-1141. For "Island Luau," and "Sunday Splendor," contact Pam Stover at 541-752-0853.

Entertainment will be provided by local musicians.

"The food's going to be great," Galvin said. "These are very talented chefs. This year, all but one of the chefs are repeats from our first two events. They had fun, and because they were also funding a cause that means a lot to them, I think that they enjoyed it even more."

The "Vintners Dinner" is scheduled April 4 and includes wines from Forest Grove's Montinore Vineyards, rosemary and garlic grilled lamb chops, asparagus with lemon butter and late harvest riesling pears with raspberry sauce.

April 13th's "Sunday Splendor" features poached salmon with raspberry buere blanc; chicken stuffed with prosciutto, Parmesan, pine nuts and basil; strawberry custard crepes. "Island Luau," is set for April 20 and includes fresh fruits with caramel fondue; green salad with wildflowers; teriyaki chicken skewer plate or barbecue pork plate.

The "Armenian Feast" on April 25 includes Lamajhoon (ground lamb and vegetable pizza); Devri Sarma (rice, onion, pine nuts and currants wrapped with a grape leaf) and baklava.

The final feast, "A Sunday in Spring" on April 27, includes fresh fruit, pastries, assorted quiche, and skewered specialty meats and seafood.

Sorority and fraternity members donate food, serve and clean, while chefs donate their services.

Habitat for Humanity has been operating for more than 20 years in the United States and builds homes with volunteer labor through a network of more than 1,000 affiliates. The group provides no-interest home loans to families living in substandard housing. Participants must not qualify for other low-interest housing loans and must put in about 500 hours of labor on their home or other projects in lieu of cash down payments.

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Pam Stover, 541-752-0853