CORVALLIS - A new doctoral degree in radiation health physics, which was just approved by the Oregon State Board of Higher Education, will help meet a growing demand by industry for professionals in this field of study.

The degree will be administered by the Department of Nuclear Engineering at Oregon State University, which educates about 95 undergraduate and graduate students in this area and the science of nuclear engineering.

"Experts in radiation health physics help protect people and the environment while enabling the beneficial uses of nuclear technology," said Andrew Klein, a professor and acting head of the OSU department.

Such technology is widely used for therapy and diagnostics in medical care, in the generation of electricity, and in a wide variety of research applications such as the use of radioactive "tracers," Klein said.

OSU already offers bachelors and masters degrees in this field, he said, and more advanced education at the doctoral level will help meet needs for high-level and research positions in private industry, government and academia.



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