CORVALLIS - More than 20 events, including talks on El Nino, a campus tree tour and a review of regional water pollution, are planned for Oregon State University's Earth Week '98 celebration.

Activities are free, open to the public and start on Monday, April 20, said Jessica Brown, an OSU senior in science, and events coordinator.

Focal point of the week is to celebrate the Earth and promote environmental awareness. Events are sponsored by Associated Students of OSU Environmental Affairs Task Force.

Oregon State's Earth Week celebration is part of the worldwide observance of Earth Day each April 22. The first Earth Day in 1970 rallied more than 20 million Americans from around the country to environmental issues. The event spread globally and on the 20th anniversary in 1990, more than 200 million people in 141 countries participated in environmental activities.

Campus activities include:

Monday, April 20

  • 10 a.m.- 1 p.m.:


    Bicycling demonstration: OSU's campus security and the Oregon State Police will offer help on using bicycles as a form of transportation. OSU Memorial Union Quad.


  • Noon:

    A 60-minute talk by Michael Newton, OSU professor of forest science, will explore fisheries and timber issues in coastal forests. MU Room 203.


  • 1 p.m.:

    Methods to clean groundwater contaminated by wood preservation chemicals is the topic of a 60-minute talk by Sandra Woods, OSU associate professor of civil, construction and environmental engineering. MU 203.

Tuesday, April 21


  • 10 a.m.- 3 p.m.:

    More than 30 organizations will participate in an Environmental Information Fair, designed to present information about current environmental issues. MU Quad.


  • Noon:

    Animal rights and environmentalism is the focus of a 60-minute presentation by Eric Salahub, an OSU instructor of philosophy. MU 203.


  • 1 p.m.:

    Nuclear forum, featuring three speakers tracing the nuclear power issue, including Tracy Jue, an OSU master's candidate in engineering; Edward Kropp, doctoral candidate in engineering; Kent Welter, OSU master's candidate in nuclear engineering. MU 203.


  • 3:15 p.m.:

    Tour of OSU Radiation Center. Departs from MU 203 at 2:50 p.m., after nuclear forum.


  • 6 p.m.:

    Andy Stahl, executive director of Forest Service Employees for Environmental Ethics, will discuss litigation and environmental issues. MU Lounge.

Wednesday, April 22

  • 10 a.m.- 3 p.m.:

    Campus recycling exhibit. MU Quad.


  • 11 a.m.:

    State climatologist and OSU researcher George Taylor will present a 60-minute talk on El Nino's impact on the Pacific Northwest. MU 203.


  • Noon:

    Nancy Sieglitz, director of the Corvallis Environmental Center will hold an hour-long discussion of Willamette watershed pollution. MU 203.


  • 1 p.m.:

    Impacts of landscape changes in the Muddy Creek watershed, south of Corvallis, a 60-minute talk by Denis White, OSU research associate in geosciences. MU 203.


  • 2 p.m.:

    Causes of global warming and its potential impacts is the subject of an hour-long talk by Ron Neilson, OSU professor of botany and plant pathology. MU 203.


  • 1 p.m.:

    Campus tree identification tour. Meet in the MU Quad.


  • 7:30 p.m.:

    Carl Safina, director of the National Audubon Society's Living Oceans Program, will discuss conservation issues and the world's oceans. OSU's Milam Auditorium.

Thursday, April 23


  • 10 a.m.:

    Tour of the OSU Radiation Center. Group departs from the MU Quad at 9:35 a.m.


  • 11 a.m.- 3 p.m.:

    Campus recycling trash audit and recycling display. MU Quad.


  • Noon:

    Ashok Chandrashekar, OSU assistant professor of management, marketing and international business, will hold an hour-long discussion of the environmental quality analogy. MU 203.


  • 1 p.m.:

    Copper mining and its economic and environmental aspects are the topics of an hour-long talk by John Dilles, OSU associate professor of geosciences. MU 203.


  • 2 p.m.:

    The 1998 Oregon Forest Conservation Initiative is the topic of Gary Kutcher, an Eugene activist in the Pacific Party who has worked with the Forest Conservation Council. The initiative would ban clear-cutting and chemical spraying on forest lands. MU 203.

Friday, April 24

  • Noon:

    The impact of rainforest destruction in the Brazilian Amazon, presented by J. Boone Kauffman, OSU associate professor of fish and wildlife. MU 203.


  • 1 p.m.:

    Ocean virus reservoirs, their emergence and social impact is the topic of Al Smith, OSU professor of veterinary medicine. MU 203.


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