CORVALLIS - A new guide to growing cover crops now available.

"Managing Cover Crops Profitably, 2nd Edition," co-edited by Oregon State University soil scientist Richard Dick, details practical, field-proven practices to help farmers boost their bottom line while enhancing the environment. The book was published recently by the U.S. Department of Agriculture's Sustainable Agriculture Network (SAN).

The 212-page book uses the combined experiences of innovative producers and researchers to show how to grow cover crops to help build healthy, fertile soil and suppress weeds, insects and disease.

"This book features information gleaned from the latest field trials, lab tests and on-farm experiences from every region in the U.S.," said Dick. "It includes management details such as seeding rates and best killing methods, as well as designing crop rotations."

Eighteen of the most promising cover crops are covered chapter by chapter, with information on seed suppliers, range maps, expert contacts and other resources. The book is fully indexed.

To order "Managing Cover Crops Profitably, 2nd Edition," send $19 to Sustainable Agriculture Publications, Hills Bldg., University of Vermont, Burlington, VT 05405-0082.

The OSU Extension Service also offers 50-page booklet on cover crops for Oregon growers entitled "Using Cover Crops in Oregon." Topics include the pros and cons of cover cropping, how to choose a cover crop, cover crops in annual and perennial systems, how to estimate nitrogen contributions to a subsequent crop and economic considerations of cover cropping.

The booklet provides detailed information on specific cover crops suitable for Oregon including: annual ryegrass, barley, oats, triticale, wheat, buckwheat, cereal rye, common vetch, crimson clover, fava bean, field pea, hairy vetch, rapeseed, red clover, subterranean clovers, Sudangrass and sorghum-Sudangrass hybrids.

To order "Cover Crops in Oregon," (EM 8704), send your request and a check or money order, payable to the OSU Extension Service for $5.50 per copy to: Publication Orders, Extension and Station Communications, OSU, 422 Kerr Administration, Corvallis, OR 97331-2119. Fax 541-737-0817.

Specific cover crop information sheets found in "Cover Crops in Oregon" are also available individually.

These include: "Annual Ryegrass," EM 8691; "Barley, Oats, Triticale, Wheat," EM 8692; "Buckwheat," EM 8693; "Cereal Rye," EM 8694; "Common Vetch," EM 8695; "Crimson Clover," EM 8696; "Fava Bean," EM 8697; "Field Pea," EM 8698; "Hairy Vetch," EM 8699; "Rapeseed," EM 8700; "Red Clover," EM 8701; "Subterranean Clovers," EM 8702; and "Sudangrass," EM 8703.

Send the title and series number along with a check or money order for 50 cents for each copy ordered to the address above.

To preview "Cover Crops in Oregon," or any of the cover crop information sheets on the world wide web, visit OSU Extension Service's publications website: Choose "Publications and Videos," then "Agriculture," then "Cover Crops."

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Richard Dick, 541-737-5718