CORVALLIS - The Oregon State University Department of Crop and Soil Science is starting a new winter seminar series called "Farming Today for Tomorrow," about issues in sustainable agriculture.

The weekly seminars will be presented Mondays from 4 to 5 p.m. in Kidder Hall Room 278. The course (CSS 199) seminars are open to the campus community and the public.

The seminar series will look each year at different themes in sustainable agriculture, said Russ Karow, OSU professor of crop science. "The overriding theme of most issues in agriculture today is sustainability in all its various facets: environmental, economic and social. This winter we will explore topics in pest management."

Those taking the course for credit will be required to write a short paper about each presentation and will be required to participate as a speaker in a "hearing" held at the end of the term on the use of herbicide resistant wheat. The 1999 scheduled seminars are as follows:


  • Jan. 4

    "Toward Sustainability: The People Are Leading, Will the Leaders Follow?" Chris Mundt, professor of plant pathology, OSU.


  • Jan. 11

    "Do Pesticides Represent a Wasted Opportunity?" Paul Jepson, professor and chair of entomology, OSU.


  • Jan. 25

    "Of Silver Bullets and Resistant Weeds," Carol Mallory-Smith assistant professor of weed science, OSU.


  • Feb. 1

    "Environmental Degradation or Sustainable Use - The Malheur County Groundwater Story," Clint Shock, professor of crop and soil science, OSU Malheur Experiment Station.


  • Feb. 8

    "The Essence of IPM in Mint," Ralph Berry, professor of entomology, OSU.


  • Feb. 15

    "What's the Price for Healthy Crops? Putting Value on Plant Disease Resistance Genes," Pat Hayes, professor of crop science, OSU.


  • Feb. 22

    "Vegetation Management and Conservation of Beneficial Insects in the Context of IPM," Dan McGrath,- horticulture agent, Marion County, OSU Extension Service.


  • March 1

    "Pesticide Applications in Mixed Company - The Wasco County Spray Drift Story," Sandy Macnab, cereal crops agent, Sherman County, OSU Extension Service.


  • March 8

    Student presentations on use of herbicide-resistant wheats.


For more information, contact Russ Karow, 541-737-5857 or Nan Scott, 541-737-5730.

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Russ Karow, 541-737-5857