CORVALLIS - Oregon State University health educators are offering more than a dozen presentations during National Eating Disorders Awareness Week, Feb. 23-27.

"Dying to Be Thin," will be presented by Jean Rubel, founder and president of the World Wide Web support group ANRED: Anorexia Nervosa and Related Eating Disorders, at 7 p.m., Tuesday, Feb. 24 in Milam Hall Room 213. All events are free and open to the public.

Researchers estimate one in 10 college women have full-blown eating disorders and 95 percent dislike their body shape, OSU counselors said.

"A dietitian is often an eating disordered person's first contact with the health profession as they seek dietary advice in an attempt to manage their behavior. Because a dietitian is not a physician or psychologist, she may be seen by the patient as non-threatening, making her advice more accepted," said Janet Beary, a registered dietitian with OSU Student Health Services.

"An eating disordered individual typically has difficulties in actually feeling and then processing emotion," said Mariette Brouwers, a counselor with OSU's Counseling and Psychological Services. "The eating disorder serves to numb the emotion via the acts of bingeing and purging. Feelings of guilt and self-reproach soon follow, which lead to lowered self-esteem."

Activities at OSU relating to Eating Disorders Awareness Week include:


Monday, Feb. 23

All Day
"Shatter the Image," a blank wall in the OSU Memorial Union Concourse will be used for people to jot down their feelings, ideas and reactions to "the perfect body." Bins will be provided for people to toss in items that compromise self-esteem, such as girdles, and tight clothing. Usable items will be donated to charity. The wall will stand through Feb. 27.

10 a.m.
"Eating Disorders: Signs and Symptoms," an hour-long presentation by Rebecca DeGraaf, therapist, University Counseling and Psychological Services. MU Room 105.


Tuesday, Feb. 24

11 a.m.
"Don't Weigh Your Self-Esteem," pick up facts on eating disorders and participate in an interactive activity to receive a fortune cookie. MU Commons (through 2 p.m.).

"Body Images," Stephanie Dunn, OSU instructor in ethnic studies, shares poetry about body image. MU Lounge.

1:30 p.m.
"Eating Disorders Among Men," a 60-minute presentation by Mark Wagener and Douglas Smyth of University Counseling and Psychological Services. MU 206.

4 p.m.
"Know Dieting," an hour-long presentation by Janet Beary, registered dietitian with OSU Student Health Services. Beary discusses activities that could lead to eating disorders and works toward understanding the impact dieting has on health and self-esteem. MU 208.

7 p.m.
"Dying to Be Thin," a presentation by Jean Rubel, founder and president of ANRED: Anorexia Nervosa and Related Eating Disorders, a support organization based on the World Wide Web. Rubel will cover the dangers of preoccupation with food and weight, dieting, binge eating and vomiting, laxative abuse and over-exercising to lose weight. Milam Hall Room 213.


Wednesday, Feb. 25

"Selling Beauty, Starving Body: Ethics and Eating Disorders," Courtney Campbell, OSU associate professor of philosophy, leads a session revolving around an ethics case study and presentation about views of the body in our culture that may contribute to eating disorders. Session includes an open discussion on preventing eating disorders. MU 208.

2 p.m.
"Help for Family and Friends of People with an Eating Disorder," by Georgine Thompson and Sandy Tsuneyoshi, University Counseling and Psychological Services. MU 105.

5 - 7 p.m.
Information and media booth, sponsored by OSU chapter of Helping Our Peers Effectively, featuring information on eating disorders and continuous screening of "Emme: Size 14 Beauty," "The Hidden Addict," "Mirror, Mirror," and "Puppet Strings." Dixon Recreation Center.


Thursday, Feb. 26

"Behind the Scenes: Pressures Related to Disordered Eating Among Athletes," a panel of four athletes, moderated by Lisa Hoogesteger, assistant director of programming, OSU Department of Recreational Sports. MU 105.

3 p.m.
"Slim Hopes: Body Image Workshop," an hour-long workshop by Mariette Brouwers and Ellen B. Taylor, University Counseling and Psychological Services. MU 105.

3:30 p.m.
"Puppet Strings: A Video and Discussion, " a 90-minute presentation by Susan Longerbeam, Student Health Services. Women's Center.


Friday, Feb. 27 Noon
"Medical Issues of Eating Disorders," by Dr. LaDonna Johnson, Student Health Services. MU 105.

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