PORTLAND - Exploring ways to improve indoor air quality in school buildings is the focus of a one-day workshop at the Portland State Office Building, 800 N.E. Oregon St., on Friday, May 22. The workshop, which runs from, 8:30 a.m. to 4 p.m., is sponsored by the Oregon State University Extension Service.

The workshop is aimed at school custodians, and school building operators and managers, as well as other interested school staff members. The session will also be useful to people associated with private schools and day care centers.

"Research shows that poor indoor air reduces student learning and teacher effectiveness, and many schools, both new and old, are having air quality problems," said Dave Brook, OSU Extension Service energy agent in Multnomah County, and workshop organizer.

Brook and Rich Prill of Washington State University, are both building and indoor air quality specialists. They will describe major causes of indoor air pollution, how to avoid these problems with better maintenance practices, and how to determine when more technical assistance is needed.

Prill has conducted numerous indoor air quality inspections in schools and commercial buildings nationwide. In addition to Brook and Prill, Oregon Health Division staff will be on hand to assist with the presentation.

Participants will receive the comprehensive Building Air Quality manual prepared by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, and the Tools for Schools kit, which includes a series of easy-to-follow checklists for use by various school staff members to insure that their practices are not contributing to indoor air quality problems.

Pre-registration (until May 21) is $25; walk-up registration on May 22 is $35. For more information or registration, contact Cathy Nuno or Dave Brook, OSU Extension Service, 800 N.E. Oregon Street No. 10, Portland, OR 97232; phone 503-731-4104; fax 503-731-4570; email: Note to Editors: This story originally contained a World Wide Web address. The characters used in Web addresses will not telecommunicate in our system. Please call us at 541-737-0801 for the address. Make checks payable to Oregon State University.

The Portland State Office building is near Lloyd Center. Participants who pre-register will receive confirmation and complete driving and transit instructions by fax.


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Dave Brook, 503-731-4104