CORVALLIS - A treasure trove of information about the ecology of Oregon's diverse coastal, valley, mountain and range lands resides in the pages of a new book published by the Oregon State University Agricultural Experiment Station.

"The Ecological Provinces of Oregon" is unusual in its thorough examination of the ecology of the state's lands, according to Bill Krueger and Mike Borman, two of the publication's authors.

The 138-page book contains numerous color photographs, maps, charts and tables that explain the ecological relationships of the state's soils, plants, geography and climatic characteristics.

Krueger, head of the OSU Department of Rangeland Resources, and Borman, OSU Extension Service Rangeland Resources specialist, point out that most of the material in the book came from principal author, E. William Anderson, an OSU graduate who spent all of his 40-year career as a Soil Conservation Service range scientist within the state's borders.

"The text in this book is based on field notes that Anderson started taking in the 1950s," said Krueger. "The depth of his knowledge about Oregon's lands is what made the book possible."

"The book will be very useful as a management guide for Oregon land managers," Borman added. "But its major audience is anyone interested in the state's environment and natural resources."

Copies of "The Ecological Provinces of Oregon," SR 990, are $40 each plus $2 shipping and handling. Copies can be ordered from the Department of Rangeland Resources, Oregon State University, 202 Strand Agriculture Hall, Corvallis, OR 97331-2218.

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