CORVALLIS - Finding ways to streamline Oregon's water quality improvement programs is the focus of the 10th annual James A. Vomocil Water Quality Conference Oct. 29 at Oregon State University.

The day-long conference, at OSU's LaSells Stewart Center, is sponsored by the OSU Extension Service and the Oregon Water Resources Research Institute. This year's program is titled "Oregon's Environmental Programs: Integrating for Implementation."

Fred Bergsrud, an adjunct professor at OSU's bioresource engineering department, said the conference brings together water quality experts working on cutting-edge ways to help landowners, commercial and industrial interests, and anyone else who uses water more efficiently to accomplish water quality goals.

"To the farmer or forest land owner, it's still kind of confusing as to how to meet the demands of the Endangered Species Act and the Clean Water Act and all of the state regulatory programs," Bergsrud said.

The morning presentations scheduled are:


  • "The Role of Science in the Salmon Recovery Effort," by Logan Norris, who chairs the Independent Multidisciplinary Science Team and heads OSU's Forestry Science Department.


  • "Tools for Implementation: Extension's Role," by Lyla Houglum, the director of the OSU Extension Service


  • "Integrating Salmon Recovery with Water Quality Improvements" by Louise Solliday of Gov. John Kitzhaber's Natural Resource Office.


  • George Taylor, state climatologist from OSU, will speak on "El Nino, La Nina and Their Effects on the Pacific Northwest."

Afternoon presentations include information on the following topics: - Integrated Stormwater Management - Information about the Logger Education to Advance Professionalism, known as LEAP - Watershed Stewardship Education Program - Studies of Forest Practices and Landslides - Managing for Sediment Reduction

The registration fee is $35. For more information, contact OSU's Department of Bioresource Engineering at 541-737-4021.

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Jim Moore, 541-737-6299