CORVALLIS - A number of prominent Oregon State University scientists will explore topics ranging from volcanoes to coral reefs, soil pollution and the potential for life on Mars during 1998-99 as part of the Science Connections Lecture Series for the Portland Public Schools.

Open to K-12 teachers and students, each lecture will be from 4:30 to 6 p.m. at Cleveland High School, 3400 S.E. 26th, in Portland. Every lecture will be followed by a breakout session for discussion and development of further "connections" between OSU and Portland schools.

This program, co-sponsored by the OSU College of Science and the Portland Public Schools, is designed to provide K-12 students and teachers in the Portland metropolitan area with increased access to working researchers in such fields as chemistry, environmental science, molecular biology, materials science, physics and other areas. In addition to this lecture series it includes a wide range of classroom visits, e-mail connections and assistance with curriculum development.

The speakers and their topics include:

  • Oct. 22: Victor Hsu, assistant professor of biochemistry and biophysics, "Designer Drugs"
  • Nov. 19: Mark Hixon, professor of zoology, "Coral Reefs"
  • Jan. 21: Terri Lomax, associate professor of botany and plant pathology, "Plants in Space"
  • Feb. 18: Carroll DeKock, professor of chemistry, "Lessons from 30 Years of Chemistry Teaching"
  • March 18: Anita Grunder, associate professor of geosciences, "Volcanoes in the Pacific Northwest"
  • April 15: Steve Giovannoni, associate professor of microbiology, "Life in Extreme Environments"
  • May 6: Dick Pugh, "Bats of Oregon, Bat Houses, Bats of Belfry"
  • May 20, Paul Jepson, professor of entomology, "Insects and Landscapes"

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