CORVALLIS - Oregon State University Press has published an updated edition of the classic book, "Plants of the Oregon Coastal Dunes," written by Alfred Wiedemann, La Rae Dennis, and Frank Smith.

Originally published in 1969, the new edition of the 120-page book is an updated version of the definitive guide to the natural history of Oregon's coastal dunes.

This new edition of "Plants of the Oregon Coastal Dunes" identifies most of the plants encountered in Oregon's coastal dune habitat and explains the ecology of dune areas. It encapsulates the natural history and plant communities of Oregon's coastal dunes and how the dunes have changed over time.

The book includes an easy-to-use key to identify 90 common dune plants. Each species is profiled, with a photograph, a detailed description, and information on habitat and range. The authors also update readers about local dune area conservation efforts and changes in scientific names, since the first edition.

The paperback book is available in bookstores and libraries or by calling 1-800-426-3797. It sells for $12.95.

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