CORVALLIS - The Oregon State Police will begin using radar on the Oregon State University campus in an effort to control speeding and increase safety for pedestrians, bicyclists and the general "motoring" public.

The effort is in response to recent comments from the public about speeding vehicles in the core campus areas as well as around the perimeter of campus, said Lt. Jack Rogers, station commander for the Oregon State Police at OSU.

Radar hasn't been used on campus for several years, though a number of signs around campus clearly designate the speed limits and proclaim, "Speed checked by radar," according to Sgt. Richard M. Pileggi, assistant OSP station commander.

The university will post additional signs citing speed limit and the use of radar.

"We tested a number of areas around campus and found that motorists were often exceeding the posted speed limit by 20 miles an hour or more," Pileggi said. "That creates a very dangerous situation. What we are trying to avoid are crashes and incidents involving motor vehicles, pedestrians and cyclists."

The OSU campus consists of 421 acres with an additional 400-plus acres of adjacent agricultural research land. The university has contracted with OSP for several years to provide law enforcement services on campus.

OSU has posted speed limits ranging from 15 to 35 miles an hour on campus. The OSP troopers will focus on "problem areas" situated within the campus core, Pileggi said.

With the primary focus directed toward traffic safety, OSP troopers will begin working the radar immediately, in conjunction with their other duties and responsibilities. They also will launch an educational effort at the same time, Pileggi said.

"We would much rather have people observe and obey the posted speed limits than issue citations," he said.

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Sgt. Rich Pileggi, 541-737-3010