CORVALLIS - The Oregon State Scholarship Commission has released its 1998 report on the number of student scholarships it awards to Oregon students and the No. 1 school in the state is Oregon State University.

More than 250 OSU students were awarded a combined total of $650,517 in private awards from the commission. The number of recipients, and total dollars, was the highest of any college or university - public or private - in Oregon.

Next on the list was the University of Oregon, $633,290 for 236 students; followed by Willamette University, $412,441 for 87 students; and Lewis & Clark College, $271,713 for 44 students.

In all, 1,502 students from 42 Oregon colleges and universities received a total of more than $4.5 million in private awards through the commission.

The scholarships awarded are need-based scholarships awarded primarily to Oregon residents, according to Keith McCreight, director of financial aid at Oregon State University.

"OSU has the highest enrollment of in-state students of any Oregon school, which is one reason we fare so well," McCreight said. "Our students also have, on average, the highest grade point average of students entering the Oregon University System, which makes them highly competitive for scholarships."

For more information on scholarships, call the OSU Office of Financial Aid at 541-737-2241

The top 10 Oregon schools in dollars received through the commission:

  • 1). Oregon State University, 254 recipients, $650,517
  • 2). University of Oregon, 236 recipients, $633,290
  • 3). Willamette University, 87 recipients, $412,441
  • 4). Lewis & Clark College, 44 recipients, $271,713
  • 5). University of Portland, 76 recipients, $260,404
  • 6). Oregon Health Sciences University, 65 recipients, $239,756
  • 7). Portland State University, 74 recipients, $218,141
  • 8). Linfield College, 58 recipients, $214,225
  • 9). George Fox University, 57 recipients, $206,844
  • 10). Western Oregon University, 91 recipients, $189,746

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Keith McCreight, 541-737-2241