CORVALLIS - After two years of work, Oregon State University officials feel they've exterminated the "Y2K bug" in the payroll department thanks to a new software system.

OSU has joined other government agencies and private industry in trying to eliminate computer glitches caused by the Year 2000 problem. University employees have been implementing new database software that is Y2K compliant. The new payroll system will be put to the test Jan. 29 when the first paychecks are issued using the system.

"We don't expect too many problems," said Brad Dennis, project manager for the Banner Human Resources Information System. Dennis said OSU has tested the new payroll system with several simulated pay periods and it has proven more accurate than the old system, which was 20 years old.

"Banner HRIS calculates some items more accurately than the former system," he said. "Banner uses annualized tax tables whereas the old system used monthly tax tables. Additionally, Banner HRIS withholds more accurate deductions for workers compensation than did the former system."

Dennis said OSU employees should check their Jan. 29 pay stubs carefully. The university has established a website at http://osu/ to help answer some commonly asked questions.

January is a common time for changes to occur on paychecks, Dennis said. Employee benefits and taxes often change the amount withheld on January paychecks so employees should look carefully at these areas.

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