CORVALLIS - Following a weekend of leadership activities at Linfield College in McMinnville last month, 86 Oregon 4-H members representing 23 counties were named to the 4-H Ambassador program.

"This is a premier group of young people in the Oregon 4-H program," said Duane Johnson, Oregon State University Extension 4-H youth development specialist. "They are committed to making a difference in their families and their communities as well as in the 4-H organization."

During the weekend, participants attended sessions on leadership, teamwork and effective participation in community and state issues. Speakers included Larry Roper, OSU vice provost for student affairs, and Kathy Stephenson, a former Benton County 4-H member who had a successful career as a food researcher and now is a marketing consultant in Portland.

The new 4-H Ambassadors will promote the 4-H program throughout the state and provide leadership for community service and other activities at the local, county and state level, according to Johnson.

Some of the ambassadors will participate in the 1999 National 4-H Youth Congress in Atlanta in November. Selected as 1999 Oregon 4-H Ambassadors are:


  • ALBANY: Robin Wise


  • ASTORIA: Katie Weidman, Hannah Brause


  • ATHENA: Jaime Hancock


  • BEAVER: Heidi Pearn, Katie Pearn


  • BEAVERTON: Theresa Morgan


  • BEND: Sarah Zollner


  • BLODGETT: Annika Kessi


  • ONANZA: Kendra Smith


  • BORING: Angela Buckwalter, Ruby Farwell


  • CANYON CITY: Errin Keerins


  • CLOVERDALE: Islande Dillon


  • COBURG: R.D. Mosier


  • CONDON: Shana Smith


  • CORBETT: Heather Marsh


  • CORVALLIS: Leslie Charles, Sarah Greer


  • COTTAGE GROVE: Sara Cochrane


  • COVE: Brandon Ritter


  • DALLAS: Ben Brooks, Stacey McMurchy


  • EAGLE POINT: Colleen Heider


  • EDDYVILLE: Shane Grant


  • ELMIRA: Jonathan Ayres


  • ENTERPRISE: Brooke Follett, Shawna Rahn


  • EUGENE: Ryan Magnuson


  • FOREST GROVE: Kendra Brenner


  • GERVAIS: Michael Jirges


  • GRANTS PASS: Anya Hunt


  • HILLSBORO: Gwen de Laloe


  • HUBBARD: Eryn Blehm


  • IONE: Jessica Krebs, Shelby Krebs


  • JOSEPH: Tara Shirley, Mandi Zollman


  • KEIZER: Sara Boatner, Kathy Hughes


  • KLAMATH FALLS: Joy Ekstrom


  • LEBANON: Carla Corbitt


  • MADRAS: Kevin Richards


  • MEDFORD: Adam Bunch, Sara Friend, Megan Hinkle


  • MILTON FREEWATER: Kevin Walker


  • MITCHELL: Mindy Anderson


  • MONMOUTH: Karyn Ostrom, Jayne Peters


  • NEHALEM: Joel Collett


  • NEWPORT: Amy Pettis


  • OREGON CITY: Sabrina Balgamwalla


  • PHILOMATH: Brandy Hlavinka, Merlin Theurer


  • PLEASANT HILL: Dan Olson


  • PORTLAND: Nicole Barnard (ZIP 97321), Melissa Chee (ZIP 97229), Paul Council (ZIP 97218), Leela Davis (ZIP 97213), Megan Marconi (ZIP 97215), Peter Mattson (ZIP 97229), Katie Mengershausen (ZIP 97214), Laurel Nugent (ZIP 97229)


  • PRAIRIE CITY: Ann Sheppard


  • RAINIER: Jared Vilhauer


  • REDMOND: Jessica Haavisto


  • ROGUE RIVER: Arianne Cease


  • ST. HELENS: Lacy Ogan


  • SALEM: Tiffany Andersen, Bryan Gonzalez, Stephanie Razmus, Noelle Reeves


  • SCIO: Becky Pape


  • SEAL ROCK: Eren Neal


  • SILVERTON: Amariek Jensen


  • SISTERS: Joseph Cyrus


  • TILLAMOOK: Becky Hogan, Julie Peters


  • TURNER: Jenny Galvin


  • UNION: Axel Clark, Audrey Stockhoff, Jake Stockhoff, Mia Swanson, Christy Upshaw


  • WESTON: Tanner Perrine

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Duane Johnson, 541-737-1311