CORVALLIS - Summer is a great time to relax and forget about the classroom, but did you know that Oregon State University, as well as most other universities, has a summer session that won't cramp your summer fun while at the same time offers an academic boost?

And many campuses have relaxed registration and entrance requirements for summer, making admission a snap. Of course, if you're worried about finding a place to stay, OSU and many other universities offer shelter in campus residence halls, including full meal service.

What are some of the summer offerings? Well, in addition to the usual staples of university-level courses in nearly every subject from agriculture to zoology, many campuses also offer special summer camps and short courses geared especially for special interests. Most universities have an entire summer session office that can provide more information on their programs. For more information on summer programs at OSU, contact the summer session office at 541-737-1470 or 800-375-9359. Information is also available on the World Wide Web at:

For example, OSU offers more than 20 programs ranging from hands-on coastal workshops that introduce students to the wonders of the marine environment, to hard-driving foreign studies programs that immerse students in other lands and cultures.

Some of the OSU summer programs include: a wilderness river course on the Grand Ronde; short course in brewing; fisheries and wildlife workshops; the Hollywood musical; Summer Institute on Violence Prevention and Intervention.

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Summer Session, 541-737-1470