CORVALLIS - "You're out fishing on a big river. The best place to anchor seems to be here in the channel. Is it OK to anchor and fish here?"

If you picked "no," you're on the way to winning at "Dangerous Waters!" a new, CD-ROM based boater safety game from Oregon Sea Grant, a marine education and outreach program based at Oregon State University.

Designed for boater education exhibits and programs, the game puts players through a series of fast-paced recreational boating simulations from vessel right-of-way decisions to launch ramp courtesy questions.

Through video clips, graphics and sound effects, each simulation presents the virtual boater with immediate choices, followed by instant feedback on the player's performance. Players can rack up points for correct answers involving a variety of recreational vessels, from kayaks and rafts to power boats and personal watercraft.

Developed in Oregon but applicable to boating anywhere, "Dangerous Waters!" is intended for use in all kinds of educational settings, including boat shows, marinas, yacht clubs, schools and youth programs. The game runs on either PC or Macintosh computers that meet its minimum system requirements, including audio and CD-ROM capability.

The game was developed under the guidance of Bruce DeYoung, Oregon Sea Grant marine trades specialist, with assistance from the OSU College of Business and the Oregon State Marine Board.

Copies of "Dangerous Waters" are available for $19.95 each, plus postage, from Oregon Sea Grant Communications, 402 Kerr Admin Building, Oregon State University, Corvallis OR 97331. To inquire about bulk orders, call 541-737-2716.

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Bruce DeYoung, 541-737-0695