CORVALLIS - The appropriate attire when spraying pesticides around the home on a hot summer day is shorts and sandals, right?

If you agree, you need help. Better get a copy of a new brochure from Oregon State University. Single copies are available at no charge.

The brochure, "Using Pesticides Safely," notes that when used carelessly pesticides can injure humans and other creatures and pollute the air, soil and water. The brochure offers tips on understanding labels, and on mixing, spraying, storing and disposing of pesticides.

"Using Pesticides Safely," publication EC 1497, is available by mail at no charge for the first six copies. Add 25 cents for each additional copy beyond six. Send your request and check or money order payable to OSU to: Publication Orders, Extension and Station Communications, OSU, 422 Kerr Administration, Corvallis, OR 97331-2119. Or send a fax request to 541-737-0817. Ask for EC 1497, "Using Pesticides Safely."

The publication also is available on the Web site of OSU's Department of Extension and Experiment Station Communications. The address is Once there, choose "Publications and Videos," then "Gardening," then "Pests."

OSU's Integrated Plant Protection Center and the OSU Extension Service published the brochure in cooperation with the Oregon Department of Agriculture.

Click photos to see a full-size version. Right click and save image to download.


Myron Shenk, 541-737-6274