BEND - A new branch campus proposal to create Central Oregon State University was submitted today by Oregon State University and its partners at Eastern Oregon University and the Oregon Institute of Technology.

It offers a number of special features, officials say. They include:

  • Complete bachelor's degree programs in 22 fields and 10 masters degrees will be available through the OSU proposal, along with many other minors, graduate study certificates and other programs.


  • A president will be the lead administrator of the institution, reporting to the highest levels of the OSU administration, and other administrative positions will be kept to a necessary minimum so that resources for student instruction and academic programs can be maximized.


  • Community input and collaboration will be sought through a Board of Advisors, which will have up to 12 members from across Central Oregon.


  • Central Oregon Community College will provide most of the administrative support systems and personnel, and continue its unique mission of adult lifelong education and awarding associate degrees.


  • Community outreach programs will be many and varied, ranging from an Alumni College to a Community Link Program, Academy for the Third Age, a strong athletics presence and Community Learning Series.


  • OSU's internationally recognized strengths in scientific research will become more involved in many issues critical to Central Oregon's economy, environment and natural resource base.


  • The vast majority of faculty in the new institution will be full-time residents of Central Oregon and leaders in their respective fields of study.


  • A "seamless student experience" will ease the transition for students from COCC to COSU and minimize the hassles from such things as registration, enrollment, financial aid, student services and other needs.


  • OSU will bolster the educational outreach of the new institution by tapping into its Extension program, outreach centers, and a diverse infrastructure that takes advantage of satellite, interactive video, the Internet and other technologies to bring education to people when and where they need it. Other educational programs will be expanded at the K-12 level.


  • By its fifth year of operation, COSU is expected to create more than 400 new jobs and have a positive economic impact of over $26 million in Central Oregon.

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