CORVALLIS - Donald R. Buhler, a professor in the Department of Environmental and Molecular Toxicology at Oregon State University, has won a "newsmaker award" from the American Chemical Society for a cancer-related research article.

A research team led by Buhler wrote the article for the "Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry." The article reported their finding that "prenylated flavonoids," substances in hops and beer, are a better source of healthful antioxidants than are similar substances in red wine, green tea and soy products. Antioxidants are thought to resist the cancer process and to be protective against cardiovascular disease.

Each year the American Chemical Society gives a newsmaker award to one or more of its members for "contributions toward communicating chemistry to the public via the news media."

Media coverage of the research paper "reached a potential audience of more than 7 million," said the society, which will present the award to Buhler in Chicago Aug. 28 at its 222nd annual meeting.

The article's authors were Cristobal L. Miranda, Buhler and Max Deinzer, of OSU's Department of Environmental and Molecular Toxicology; Jan F. Stevens of Halle University in Germany (a post-doctoral natural products chemist at OSU when the article was written), and Vadim Ivanov, Mark McCall and Balz Frei, of OSU's Linus Pauling Institute.

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