CORVALLIS - Richardson Hall at Oregon State University is generally known for its greenhouses, laboratories, and testing machinery, but its lofty, sunlit, central gathering spaces are also the newest venue for a rotating exhibit of works by artists of the Corvallis Art Guild.

The art comes to the OSU College of Forestry through the guild's "Hanging Around Town" program. Richardson Hall is the latest of the program's 14 venues, which include local restaurants, other businesses, and nonprofit organizations.

Paintings by Gordon Dobbie and Diane Hoff-Rome went up in January and will be on display until Feb. 22. Dobbie's are of Scottish and Oregon landscapes, done in muted acrylics. Hoff-Rome's works are of landscapes of Scotland, Oregon and Massachusetts, done in acrylics and pastels. These are two of the approximately 60 artists who display their works as part of "Hanging Around Town."

"We wanted to make our workplace look nicer, and art was one way we could do it," said Dave Hibbs, professor in the Department of Forest Science, who serves on the committee that brought the art to the building. The rotating exhibit joins several permanent works commissioned when Richardson Hall was finished in 1999.

In March there will be an exhibit by Corvallis artist Cherrill Boissonou, consisting of mixed-media works that the artist describes as "eclectic." That show will stay up until April 30.

The art exhibit hangs in the second- and third-floor "knuckles" of Richardson Hall, which join the building to Peavy Hall. The building, at Jefferson Way just west of N.W. 30th St., is open to the public from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Parking is available behind the building, and visitors who come by car should ask for a parking permit at the nearest reception desk.

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David Hibbs, 541-737-6077