CORVALLIS - The research of Frank Bernieri, a visiting associate professor of psychology at Oregon State University, will be featured on a new television pilot on the Discovery Channel called "Only Human."

The show, produced by Dateline NBC, features five spots each with a theme examining an aspect of psychology.

Bernieri's research looks at body language and psychology during job interviews. In his studies, groups of students and professionals were able to accurately predict which job applicants ultimately got hired by looking at the introductory handshakes prior to the interview. "It does make you question how meaningful job interviews really are," he said.

Stanford University's Phil Zimbardo, president of the American Psychological Association, and other psychologists will provide commentary for "Only Human." The show is scheduled to air on Wednesday, June 19, from 9 to 10 p.m.

Bernieri has spent the year as a visiting professor in the Department of Psychology in OSU's College of Liberal Arts. He is from the University of Toledo in Ohio.

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