CORVALLIS - Oregon State University oceanographer Charles Miller has written a new book that provides a comprehensive, up-to-date introduction to ocean ecology.

Titled "Biological Oceanography," Miller's book examines the ecology of marine life and covers recent developments that have allowed a re-examination of the ocean's microbial cycling, carbon flow, and climate control. The book, which also covers ocean modeling, fisheries, and habitats, has more than 200 illustrations. It is intended for advanced students in biological oceanography, marine biology, and general marine science courses.

Miller, a professor emeritus, taught undergraduate and graduate courses in biological oceanography for 32 years at OSU. During those years, he studied the zooplankton communities of the Oregon upwelling zone and Oregon estuaries, the pelagic ecology of the Gulf of Alaska, the life histories of planktonic copepods, and several varieties of population modeling.

Miller has been writing the book for about 20 years as extended notes for his classes. Blackwell Publishers, headquartered in the United Kingdom, proposed a book outline to him that closely resembled those notes, so a deal was struck to revise the notes and publish the book.

"I hope the book makes the general content of biological oceanography readily available to students from a wide range of backgrounds," Miller said. "Successive draft completions, the proof corrections and the printed book in hand have all been celebrated with fine champagne."

"Biological Oceanography" is available in bookstores and libraries, or can be ordered by contacting the publisher, Blackwell Publishing at The 402-page book sells for $64.95.

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