CORVALLIS - The formal process of distributing new Oregon State University identification cards to continuing students, as well as all employees, starts today (Nov. 1) on campus.

Previous cards used Social Security numbers as identification; the new cards will use a generated number.

"Protection of individual identity and access to social security number, in particular, is a growing concern," said Michael Henthorne, director of the Memorial Union. "Additionally, recent Oregon legislation has further restricted the use of Social Security numbers as a file identification method."

All OSU students, faculty and staff enrolled or employed previous to fall term will receive new ID cards.

New students, some re-admitted students and new faculty and staff received new numbers and cards upon entering the university this fall term. Their numbers and cards will remain the same.

The new ID numbers and cards become activated on Nov. 14; the former ID cards will become inactive that day.

"Everyone needs to continue using their former ID card until Nov. 14," Henthorne said.

ID card pickup for students will be held Mondays through Fridays, Nov. 1-12, from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. in Memorial Union Room 109. Students must bring a photo ID for identification and may pick up only their own ID card and that of their spouse or partner participating in the OSU Affiliate program.

Faculty and staff should not come to the Memorial Union for their new card. Each unit's human resources/payroll representative will pick up the ID cards and distribute them.

Questions can be directed to the OSU ID Center at 541-737-2493.

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Michael Henthorne, 541-737-6256