CORVALLIS -- Channel 27, Oregon State University's dedicated cable television channel, is taking on a new look on Monday, Feb. 14, with continually updated video features, event announcements and a scrolling news ticker.

"There are so many interesting things going on at OSU that appeal to both students and the community at large and our Infocaster service will help get that information out to the public," said Jill Schuster, director of University Marketing.

Television signals from the OSU Infocaster computer will be funneled to Channel 27 in the Corvallis area, helping residents sort through the wide variety of public events and exhibits on the Oregon State campus.

Everything from art shows to concerts to lectures and sporting events will be detailed on the screen. The broadcast feed features the capability for multi-zone screens that can integrate animations, text and other video images.

"All this information is available in various places on campus, but until now there hasn't been an easily accessible one-stop spot for local residents who have a few moments of time and are interested in the various events on campus. This just gives the university and the community another way to connect with each other," Schuster said.

Updating news and information for the broadcast feed is now a quick, simple process, bypassing previous labor-intensive efforts, Schuster said.

The Infocaster service will share Channel 27 with the Oregon Public Affairs Network. The public affairs network broadcasts nightly from 6 to 8 p.m.

Inscriber Technology Corp., an Ontario Canada firm, developed the Infocaster technology.

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Jill Schuster, 541-737-4668