NEWPORT, Ore. - Ocean lovers interested in spending time at the Oregon Coast and pursuing an intellectual challenge will have an opportunity to do both this summer when Oregon State University offers a series of special courses in marine biology and related sciences at the Hatfield Marine Science Center in Newport.

The program is a chance for full- or part-time students to take hands-on courses that explore marine mammals, fisheries, salt water invertebrates, aquaculture, aquarium science, invasive species, seaweeds, and marine conservation science and policy.

"Oregon State University has a world-class research and teaching facility in the Hatfield Marine Science Center in Newport, and summer provides an ideal time to take advantage of field experiences and to learn from top researchers, while living for a month at the Oregon Coast," said George Boehlert, director of the center.

Four courses will be offered during the first four-week session, from June 20 to July 15. Three additional courses are on tap for the second session, July 18 to Aug. 12. A special short-course third session will run from Sept. 9-18.

The courses and their instructors include:

First Session: June 20 to July 15


  • "Marine and Estuarine Invertebrates," (Zoology 461/561), taught by Cynthia Trowbridge, OSU Hatfield Marine Science Center;


  • "Biology of Marine Mammals," (Fisheries and Wildlife 499/599), by James Sumich, Grossmont College, San Diego;


  • "Marine Fisheries," (Fisheries and Wildlife 465/565), by David Sampson, OSU Hatfield Marine Science Center;


  • "Introduction to Studies in Free-Choice Learning," (Science and Math Education 499/599), by Shawn Rowe, OSU Hatfield Marine Science Center.

    Second Session: July 18 to Aug. 12


  • "Marine Aquaculture and Aquarium Sciences," (Fisheries and Wildlife 433X/533X), by Chris Langdon and Tim Miller-Morgan, OSU Hatfield Marine Science Center;
  • "Aquatic Biological Invasions," (Fisheries and Wildlife 421/521), by John Chapman, OSU Hatfield Marine Science Center;


  • "Marine Phycology: Seaweeds of the Oregon Coast," (Botany 499/599), by Gayle Hansen, OSU Hatfield Marine Science Center.

    Third Session: Sept. 9-18


  • "Marine Conservation Science and Policy," (Zoology 565), by Jane Lubchenco, OSU Department of Zoology; Steve Gaines, University of California at Santa Barbara; David Festa, director of Ocean Program for Environmental Defense; and Andrew Rosenberg, University of New Hampshire.

    The courses will be based at OSU's Hatfield Marine Science Center in Newport, located just south and east of the Yaquina Bay bridge. The 49-acre center is one of the nation's best-known marine research and teaching facilities, housing faculty from OSU and researchers and educators from numerous state and federal agencies, including the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife, the U.S. Department of Fish and Wildlife, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), and others.

    On-site housing and some scholarships may be available.

    For more information on registration and tuition, call OSU Summer Session at 541-737-1470, or visit the web at

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