CORVALLIS, Ore. - Courtney S. Campbell, professor and chair of the Oregon State University Department of Philosophy, will speak at the opening of the World Stem Cell Bank on ethical issues in stem cell research and the banking of stem cells Oct. 19 in Seoul, South Korea.

The World Stem Cell Bank is an outgrowth of South Korea's leading role in stem cell research. South Korean scientists have been outpacing researchers in the United States and other countries on retrieving and cloning stem cells from human embryos; and they plan to make the stem cell lines they are studying available to researchers in other countries such as the United States, which has no government support for embryonic stem cell research.

Campbell has written papers for the National Bioethics Advisory Commission on the subject of human cloning and research on human tissue and has edited books and published articles on issues such as physician-assisted suicide, reproductive technologies and religion and ethics. He directs the Program for Ethics, Science, and the Environment at OSU.

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