CORVALLIS, Ore. - The College of Forestry at Oregon State University will hold a Centennial Open House on Friday, Nov. 3, commemorating a century of evolution from its first official degree offering in 1906 to recognition as the nation's premier school of forestry.

The open house, which is free and open to the public, is part of a year-long celebration and will run from noon to 4 p.m. in Peavy Hall and Richardson Hall on the OSU campus. It will feature interactive demonstrations, games, giveaways, food, door prizes, live music, tours and other activities.

The College of Forestry began with a focus on basic silviculture and wood products, but in the past 100 years has grown to encompass forest ecology, fish and wildlife protection, huge technological advances, changing societal demands upon forests, environmental protection and new concerns about the global carbon cycle and climate change.

"The educational and research programs in forestry at OSU have never been static, they were growing and evolving even in the early days," said Hal Salwasser, dean of the college. "The pace of change has accelerated in recent decades and the diversity of research has exploded into new fields that were never even considered a century ago, such as endangered species protection, tree genetics, innovative new composite wood products, and the role of fire in forest health.

"But what has stayed the same is our commitment to providing the best possible science and education to help Oregon and the nation manage and conserve forest resources. Social demands will change and science will evolve, but that commitment will never waver."

The latest information about events, times and activities at the Centennial Open House can be obtained on the Web at

Among the interactive demonstrations and presentations will be a "Wood Magic" show, demonstrations by the Logging Sport Team, earthquake simulations in a high bay laboratory, and "Saving Eden Creek," a play about people and forests.

Other displays will explore forest health in Oregon, the evolution of harvesting technology from axes to computers, fun with forest fungi, and a "bird's eye" view of forest canopies. Posters will discuss international agroforestry, non-destructive evaluation of wood products, the H.J. Andrews Long Term Ecological Research Program, the Hinkle Creek Project, and the economic future of Oregon forestry.

Tours will include a guided forestry "art walk" and a tree identification tour, including a book signing by Ed Jensen of "Trees to Know in Oregon." Benny Beaver and Smokey Bear will be on hand, along with live folk music provided by two different groups.

Free parking is available west of Reser Stadium, and a shuttle bus will run every 15 minutes.

The open house is just one part of a year of planned activities to celebrate the centennial. Other events include:

  • The Starker Lecture Series is being expanded into a year-long format.
  • A book will be produced about the history of forestry research over the past century, focusing on the special contributions of OSU.
  • Oral histories will be taken from many college faculty and alumni, and a "memory book" created to better preserve their recollection of the college's past activities and accomplishments.
  • A DVD will be produced about the history of the college.

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Hal Salwasser,