CORVALLIS, Ore. – Oregon State University’s Extended Campus online undergraduate degree programs have seen an 18 percent enrollment increase in the number of degree-seeking undergraduates that complete their coursework entirely online and off campus.

Through Extended Campus, or Ecampus, students of all ages may begin and complete their degree, even without stepping foot on the Corvallis campus. Through the aid of technology, Ecampus offers more than 15 accredited undergraduate and graduate degrees throughout Oregon and beyond the state’s borders, allowing students to complete their degrees through online courses.

Ecampus increased its overall enrollment of undergraduate, graduate and professional students (including campus-based students) by 17 percent, going from 2,704 in fall 2006 to 3,170 in fall 2007.

Lisa Templeton, director of marketing and communications for Ecampus, believes that with the growing popularity and flexibility of online learning, students choose OSU Ecampus because of the quality online coursework.

“The design of the course and course structure may be different, but the student learning outcomes of our online courses are the exact same as the site-based course equivalents,” Templeton said.

While most online OSU students do not reside the Corvallis area, they continuously comment on the accessibility and availability of their instructors and advisers when it comes to interaction, communication and building relationships.

“If an online course is designed well it can be highly interactive,” Templeton said. “Many of our faculty members say that they are surprised that they get more students to participate in their online classes than in their site-based classes.”

Geosciences is just one of many growing course subjects offered online through Ecampus. Roger Nielsen, who heads the department, believes offering geosciences courses online helps extend OSU’s academic resources.

“Ecampus allows us to reach an audience that otherwise might never have the opportunity to take a geosciences course,” Nielsen said. “Ecampus helps us provide a more open portal to our group of excellent faculty who are doing world-class research.” OSU’s Ecampus program is continually expanding and developing courses and degree programs for the virtual classroom to provide a flexible learning solution for multitasking student. That is why Dan Edge, head of the Department of Fisheries and Wildlife, promotes the growth of online courses and degrees.

“Learning online is something that students begin to do in high school, so going to college that way is second nature to that generation,” Edge said. “Older learners are also becoming proficient at online services and activities.”

For more information about OSU undergraduate, graduate and professional programs offered from a distance and online, contact OSU Extended Campus at 800-667-1465 or visit

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Lisa Templeton,