CORVALLIS, Ore. – The College of Business at Oregon State University has added a prototype technology commercialization course to its curriculum beginning Feb.5.

Technology commercialization is the process of bringing technical innovation to the marketplace. Each year more than 150,000 patents are granted in the United States; yet only a fraction of these patents will appear in the market or generate revenue. The success of any commercialization effort depends on numerous factors including market positioning, competitive offerings, manufacturability, cost considerations, market maturity, and pre-existing intellectual property.

“I’m excited to be a part of this unique class. We’ll be developing plans for some of the most exciting technologies coming out of the OSU research labs,” said John Turner, management/entrepreneurship faculty member.

This course will offer a process along with tools to assess the business viability of a technical idea, and cover how to develop the best business approach for commercialization.

“This hands-on experience will give students a chance to meet and work directly with inventors, local hi-tech entrepreneurs, and investors,” Turner said.

Mentors from the business community will advise each team in formulating and developing the commercialization approach. Each team will present its plan for review by a panel comprised of inventors, team mentors and OSU business faculty.

The Office of Technology Transfer has been working closely with the College of Business to select OSU patents that will be used in the course and will serve in an advisory capacity.

Students interested in signing up for the course should contact John Turner at 713-8044 or

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John Turner,