CORVALLIS, Ore. – The College of Engineering at Oregon State University this month will host the national student conference of the American Nuclear Society, which will attract more than 250 top students in the field of nuclear engineering.

“Having the opportunity to host a conference of this magnitude at Oregon State is an honor for our program,” said José Reyes, head of the OSU Department of Nuclear Engineering and Radiation Health Physics. “Our highly ranked nuclear engineering and radiation health physics programs, our unique nuclear plant certification laboratories, and the renewed interest in nuclear power have helped our program gain an international reputation.”

The conference, from March 29-31, will feature presentations by many top professionals in the nuclear engineering industry, including:

  • Peter Lyons, commissioner of the Nuclear Regulatory Commission
  • Harold McFarlane, president of the American Nuclear Society
  • Tom Christopher, president and chief executive officer of AREVA, a world leader in the design and construction of nuclear power plants
  • Dan Keuter, vice president of planning and innovation at Entergy, the second-largest nuclear energy generator in the U.S.

During the conference, students will present technical papers in the field of nuclear science, ranging from space power to thermal hydraulics. Students also are able to meet with industry representatives and students from other universities to help establish a network of contacts in the field.

“These technical papers reflect the tremendous creativity and engineering innovation of nuclear engineering students nationwide,” Reyes said. “This innovative spirit will help shape the energy future of our nation.”

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Jose Reyes,