CORVALLIS, Ore. – The fifth annual colts-in-training sale, sponsored by the Oregon State University equine sciences program, will be held May 19 at the OSU Horse Center. A free barbecue lunch and the sale preview will begin at 12:30 pm.; the sale begins at 2 p.m.

"The event is open to all ranchers, horse enthusiasts and competitive performance horse riders interested in purchasing high-quality colts," said Christian Rammerstorfer, assistant professor in the OSU Animal Sciences Department and co-organizer of the sale.

Twenty-six colts (14 geldings, 12 fillies), four yearlings and one broodmare will be offered in the fundraising event. All colts have been started in the basics of reining.

"The colts-in-training sale is an excellent fundraiser for our equine program and horse center, and it's a key component of our educational program," said Rammerstorfer.

Colts offered in the sale are trained by animal sciences students over winter and spring quarters. During the training program students learn how to care for and train the two-year-old quarter horses for riding.

"This unique learning experience is ideal for helping animal sciences students interested in the horse industry to obtain hands-on production and market experience," he said.

Rammerstorfer noted that last year's colts-in-training sale was the most successful to date, raising nearly $63,000 for the sale of 23 colts.

"We're optimistic that this year's sale will do as well as last year's," Rammerstorfer said. "The success of these events is a great compliment to the wonderful job our students are doing with the colts; and an indicator of the excellent bloodlines we have been selecting for in the colt training program.

"And, of course, the sale wouldn't be possible without the cooperation of Oregon ranchers and others who have given strong support to the program," Rammerstorfer added. "For example, Jim and Alicia Bentz of the Bar Dot Ranch in Drewsey, Ore., have provided more than 40 two-year-old foals for training in the program over the past five years."

Other program sponsors cooperators include Purina Mills LLC, Healing Tree Products, Inc. and Wilco Farm Stores.

For more information about the colts-in-training sale and the OSU equine science studies program, contact Christian Rammerstorfer at

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