CORVALLIS, Ore. - Oregon State University and USDA Agricultural Research Service scientists will present their findings on cereal grain and seed crop research at the annual Hyslop Farm Field Day on Wednesday, May 30. This event is open to the public and will run from 9 a.m. until 4:30 p.m.

The morning session will focus on the latest cereal grains research, including updates on OSU's barley and wheat variety trials and discussions of spray timing and grass control.

The afternoon session will feature recent OSU seed crop research, including recent studies of winter canola and other oilseed crops. Several aspects of grass seed production will be discussed, including new techniques to predict nitrogen rates, weed and pest control and long-term no-till cropping systems.

Hyslop Farm is located six miles northeast of Corvallis on Granger Road, just off of Highway 20. Watch for signs. The Oregon Seed Council and the Oregon Wheat Grower League are sponsoring lunch. The OSU Crops Club will prepare lunch, served on-site at noon. The complete Field Day schedule follows below. Or go to:

Oregon State University Dept. of Crop and Soil Science

Hyslop Farm Field Day - May 30, 2007

Cereal grains research

  • 9:00 Gathering – Coffee and Donuts
  • 9:30 Welcome and Introductions - Mike Flowers and Russ Karow
  • 9:50 Green Barley, Orange Barley and What's Happening in the Hood - Pat Hayes
  • 10:15 Variety Release Update – ORH010920 - Jim Peterson
  • 10:30 Wheat Quality - Andrew Ross
  • 10:40 Results from Wheat Variety by Spray Timing Trial 2006 - Chris Mundt
  • 11:00 Winter Variety Trial - Jim Peterson
  • 11:20 Spring Variety Trial - Mike Flowers
  • 11:30 Grass Control in Winter Wheat - Andy Hulting
  • 12:00 Lunch

Seed crops research

  • 1:00 Welcome and introductions - Bill Young
  • 1:10 Winter Canola for biodiesel feedstock - Tom Chastain
  • 1:35 Potential oilseed crops for the Willamette Valley - Daryl Ehrensing
  • 2:10 Tissue tests to predict spring N rate for perennial ryegrass - John Hart
  • 2:25 Remote sensing technique for early N application decisions – Mike Flowers
  • 2:40 Wild carrot control in seeding grasses - Andy Hulting
  • 3:00 Annual bluegrass control in seeding perennial ryegrass - Carol Mallory-Smith
  • 3:20 Interactions between choke fungus and insects in orchardgrass - Sujaya Rao
  • 4:05 Long-term annual ryegrass cropping system study - Mark Mellbye with Maria Dragila and Steve Griffith (discussion includes: tillage affects on compaction and infiltration; and carbon cycling in no-till annual ryegrass)
  • 4:30 Adjourn

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Bill Young,