CORVALLIS, Ore. – Kathy Mullet, an Oregon State University faculty member, has been named Educator of the Year by Apparel magazine.

Apparel is the premier trade publication for the apparel industry. Each year, the magazine gives only one Educator of the Year award to someone who has made innovative contributions to teaching and curriculum development, research, and service that impact the apparel industry, as well as someone has fostered a positive image of the textile and apparel industries.

Mullet, an associate professor in OSU’s Department of Design and Human Environment, will be featured in the December issue of the magazine. Mullet is the coordinator of the Apparel Design Program, which has about 125 undergraduate majors. Her research focuses on functional apparel design for special populations, includes athletes and older adults. Mullet’s work with textile scientists and engineers at OSU focuses on creating unique garment structures with composite textiles that can facilitate thermal regulation (i.e., heating and cooling of the body).

Leslie Burns, chair for the Department of Design and Human Environment, nominated Mullet for the award.

“Kathy is a caring and dynamic instructor who engages students at multiple levels to expand their design and problem-solving skills,” Burns said. “Students highly respect her for her abilities to push them to exceed their own expectations and giving them the confidence to go the next step in becoming accomplished designers and product developers.”

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Leslie Burns,