CORVALLIS, Ore. – An online short course series on wood-based composite science will begin May 11 to provide professionals with a fundamental knowledge of wood as an engineering material in the manufacture of wood-based composites.

To expand the reach of its wood-based composite manufacturing training resources, the College of Forestry at Oregon State University has teamed up with the Wood-Based Composites Center, the Oregon Wood Innovation Center and OSU Extended Campus to deliver the program in a 19-course online series. Courses will be taught by experts in the field of wood science and technology, and have been selected from top universities, government research labs and industry.

The series will focus on manufacturing efficiency, product performance and troubleshooting of processing problems.

“Helping ensure that wood products manufacturers have access to our faculty and facilities in a key goal,” said Scott Leavengood, director of the Oregon Wood Innovation Center. “There is an opportunity here to provide education to industry personnel who cannot spend days away from the mill.”

Each course is five weeks long and includes five to 10 hours of instruction. The fee for a 10-hour course is $750. Students who complete courses from the series may be eligible for a certificate of mastery, which requires a minimum of 120 hours of instruction.

More information can be obtained on the web at For information about other online programs, degrees and courses, contact OSU Extended Campus at (800) 667-1465 or visit OSU Extended Campus.

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Fred Kamke,