CORVALLIS, Ore. – An Oregon State University professor and three graduate students have received awards from the Western Society of Weed Science.

Carol Mallory-Smith, a professor of weed science at OSU, was named "Outstanding Weed Scientist, Public Sector" for her long-term research and teaching contributions.

OSU graduate student Maria Zapiola was awarded first place in the poster contest at the society’s recent annual meeting for her presentation, "Impact of immersion time and water temperatures on germination of creeping bentgrass seed." Suphannika Intanon took third place for "Target-site mutations and cross-resistance to acetolactate synthase inhibiting herbicides in mayweed chamomile."

Melody Rudenko took second place in the paper contest in the Range and Forestry, Wetlands and Wild Lands category for her paper, "Integrating chemical control and restoration of sites invaded by Japanese knotweed."

Weeds that affect wheat, peppermint and grass seed, as well as other crops, are the emphasis of Mallory-Smith's work. "Gene flow," or the movement of genes by cross-pollination between weeds and crops, is a major focus, she said.

"Gene flow has been an increasing area of interest with the introduction of herbicide resistant crops," she said. "Using the tools of molecular genetics, we seek to understand the nature of hybridization between wheat and the jointed goatgrass weed and how it can be avoided by crop management."

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