CORVALLIS, Ore. - Applications are being sought from writers interested in a one-week fall residency at the H.J. Andrews Experimental Forest.

The residency is part of the Long-Term Ecological Reflections program, which brings together writers, humanists and scientists to create a living, growing record of the forest and the relation of people to the forest.

Creative writers whose work in any genre reflects a keen awareness of the natural world and an appreciation for both scientific and literary ways of knowing are invited to apply. In 2003, the Spring Creek Project at Oregon State University, in collaboration with the Andrews Forest Long-Term Ecological Research Group, began inviting writers to spend weeklong residencies at the forest in order to provide ways of observing the land that complement the ways of science.

Last year's writer-in-residence, Scott Russell Sanders, wrote an essay called "Mind in the Forest" during his stay. That essay, published in Orion magazine, was recently awarded the John Burroughs Award for an Outstanding Published Nature Essay.

Two earlier pieces of writing inspired by the Andrews Forest residencies also have appeared in Orion: Robert Michael Pyle's "The Long Haul" (September/October 2004) and Alison Hawthorne Deming's "The Web" (March/April 2007).

For the Andrews Forest residencies, writers are provided an apartment, access to the ancient forest and well-known research site, interaction with scientists, opportunities to have their writings included in The Forest Log, and an honorarium of $250. Specific dates for week-long residencies during September, October, or November can be negotiated around the writer's schedule and availability of space. 

The application deadline is May 15. For complete application requirements, go to

Information about the Andrews Experimental Forest is available at

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