CORVALLIS, Ore. - Oregon State University Libraries have introduced a new single search option so that students and faculty can search the depth and breadth of their collections using a single search tool.

Called "1Search," the new service is similar to other widely-used search engines, but more scholarly and reliable.

The system is designed to help make doing research easier and faster. Using 1Search, students can simultaneously search the OSU Libraries catalog for books and videos; the online databases for journal, magazine and newspaper articles; and the library digital collections.

"This provides students with a simple, obvious starting point to find library articles and books, especially online resources the library pays for which students can access from anywhere, at any time," said Michael Boock, head of digital access services for the OSU Libraries.

The libraries offer an enormous amount of information to students and faculty, but students in particular can be daunted by the amount of searchable databases and catalogs at their fingertips. Students have often asked library staff for one search engine that will let them retrieve library-owned content, and the new system is a response to that.

The 1Search search box is located on the library home page. Students just need to enter a keyword or topic in the "summon" search box to easily and quickly find relevant resources from the OSU Libraries. Using 1Search, getting to the full text of articles or finding the book on the shelf is just a click away. For more specific items, such as books by a particular author, 1Search offers an advanced the advanced search for more precise searching.

To try 1Search, go to the library home page at

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