CORVALLIS, Ore. - The significant advances in new and innovative forms of nuclear energy that have emerged from research at Oregon State University will be featured on Sunday, Oct. 24, in a new environmental science series, Green Science Oregon.

The show outlines some of the most interesting research being done at Oregon universities and industry, related to environmental and sustainable technologies and other topics. This weekend's presentation on nuclear energy will be available to viewers in Eugene, Corvallis, and Coos Bay on Fox channel 34 and KEVU, channel 23, Sunday at 5 p.m.

More information on the show and its other presentations can be obtained online, at

In the past 15 years, OSU has been an international leader in the development of "passive safety" concepts in nuclear power, forming the basis for next-generation reactors that are already being built in China and planned for the United States. The university also helped spawn "modular" nuclear reactors, which are very small units which could be built in a factory setting, shipped to where they are needed and form another valuable option for environmentally-benign energy sources that produce no greenhouse gas emissions.

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