CORVALLIS, Ore. - Oregon State University's Amas Aduviri has been named president-elect of the National HEP/CAMP Association. HEP stands for the High School Equivalency Program and CAMP is the College Assistance Migrant Program. Aduviri has directed OSU CAMP since 2005.

CAMP provides educational and support services including outreach efforts to eligible migrant and seasonal farm workers and their children during their first year of college. There are 35 CAMP students enrolled at OSU for the coming fall.

HEP and CAMP are designed to serve and educate farm workers and their families. The National HEP/CAMP Association is focused on improving the quality and effectiveness of the national HEP and CAMP program and projects, and on disseminating information about the programs to government bodies and organizations that work directly with farm workers.

Aduviri was the association's treasurer from July 2009 until this year. As future president, he'll have the opportunity to advocate on behalf of farm workers.

"Because HEP and CAMP are discretionary-funded projects, my job will be to continue to educate our representatives in Congress about the important role HEP and CAMP play in the education of farm workers in this country," Aduviri said, "and the key benefits both programs provide to one of the most disadvantaged groups in the country."

Participation in HEP/CAMP brings more visibility to OSU for its efforts to enhance diversity on campus, Aduviri said.

Aduviri will be president-elect for two years to learn the ropes and will become president in July 2013. The term will last six years, two as president-elect, two as current president, and two as past president as he trains the next president.

"I'm very humbled and honored to be chosen and to be trusted with the responsibility to lead the National HEP CAMP Association," Aduviri said. "I am happy that I'm getting a strong support from the members of the association and their willingness to help me during my tenure."

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