CORVALLIS, Ore. - The College of Veterinary Medicine at Oregon State University will award diplomas to its graduating class this Sunday, June 12, in a special ceremony that begins at 1:30 p.m. in LaSells Stewart Center.

This will be the college's 29th graduating class and it will include 49 students who will receive doctor of veterinary medicine degrees.

Chris Cebra, head of the college's Clinical Sciences Department, is the invited faculty speaker, while the commencement address will be given by Tracey McNamara, a veterinary pathologist who specializes in the recognition and understanding of captive and free-ranging wildlife - and is best-known for her role in the discovery of West Nile Virus in the United States.

Many of OSU's graduates already have jobs lined up, though the market is tight, according to Susan Tornquist, associate dean for students in the College of Veterinary Medicine. The college's graduates are highly respected because of their diverse training, she said, which includes not only large- and small-animal health and surgery, but public health, epidemiology, infectious diseases, and others.

They also have access to some of the best technology of any veterinary medicine program in the country, including a 64-slice CT scanner, a high-speed equine treadmill, advanced oncology treatment and high-tech cardiology, and physical rehabilitation and therapy.

"We're particularly proud of how much hands-on practical training our graduates have - partly because of our relatively small class size and high faculty-to-student ratio," Tornquist pointed out. "We also have a unique partnership with the Oregon Humane Society, which allows each of our graduates to experience extensive hands-on surgical experience and exposure to cases."

The 49 new doctors of veterinary medicine are part of the largest overall graduating class in Oregon State University history, with more than 4,600 students.

The following students will receive their doctor of veterinary medicine (DVM) degrees this year from OSU (listed alphabetically within Oregon, then nationally and internationally)

2011 OSU Vet Medicine Graduates from Oregon

•    Annastasia E. Burright (BS, Oregon State University)
•    Karyn Elizabeth Zittel (BS, Oregon State University)

Bay City
•    Benjamin Thomas Wustenberg (BS, Willamette University)

•    Ragan Leigh Garrett (BS, Oregon State University)

•    Kelly Lynn Pinckard-Hazzard (BS and MS, Oregon State University)
•    Jocelyn H. Riehl (BS, Colorado State University)
•    Amy Lee Sachs (BS, Oregon State University)
•    Craig William Seyler (BS, Oregon State University)

•    Jessika Hana Lais (BS, Oregon State University)

Gold Beach
•    Kristina Nicole Welsh (BS, Pacific University)

•    Michael Emmett Walker (BS, Oregon State University)

•    Paul A. Brady (BS, Oregon State University)
•    Courtney C. Smith (BA, University of California-Santa Cruz)

•    Jennifer Lindsay Grossman (BS, Oregon State University)

La Pine
•    Miles Patrick Looman-Nelson (BS, Oregon State University)

•    Ryan Scholz (BS, Oregon State University)

•    Mara Elysia Supan (BS, Pacific University)

•    Sonja Lapinski (BA, Whitman College)
•    Sandra R. Sadowitz (BS, Michigan State University; MS, University of Kansas)
•    Brian J. Zulauf (BS, Portland State University; MS, Oregon State University)

Powell Butte
•    Jennifer R. Evans (BS, Linfield College)

•    Donald Raphael Judson (BS, Willamette University)

•    Kristy A. Headings (BS, Eastern Oregon University)

•    Diana M. Care (BS, Southern Oregon University)

•    Danielle Kayla Trummel (BS, Oregon State University)

•    Jonathan Wisniewski (BA, Claremont McKenna College)

•    Christina Elizabeth Lee (BS, Portland State University)

•    JoDell Schweizer (BS, Oregon State University)

2011 OSU Vet Medicine Graduates (Out of State)

North Pole, Alaska
•    Mika Michelle Straub (BA, University of Alaska)

Scottsdale, Arizona
•    Christopher Michael Zetye (BS, Northern Arizona University)

Diamond Bar, California
•    April Christine Grothe (BS, California State Polytechnic University-Pomona)

Whittier, California
•    Allison James Jacobs (BS, University of California-Irvine; MS, Texas A&M University)

Centennial, Colorado
•    Anna Leigh Rothman (BS, Colorado State University)

Evergreen, Colorado
•    Kate Taylor Brown (BS, Colorado State University)

New Haven, Connecticut
•    Katherine Hirose Barnes (BA, Southern Connecticut State University)

Coeur d'Alene, Idaho
•    Deborah M. Peale (BS, Eastern Oregon University; MS, Oregon State University)

La Grange, Kentucky
•    Elizabeth Tomasi Pollak (BA, Lewis and Clark College)

Louisville, Kentucky
•    Julia Maureen Ter Beest (BS, Indiana University; MS, University of Kentucky)

St. Charles, Missouri
•    Crystal Renee Weller (BS, Missouri State University; MSc, Oregon State University)

Las Vegas, Nevada
•    Ashley M. Brooks (BS, University of Nevada-Las Vegas)

Dover, New Hampshire
•    Alexia Nicole Nogueira (BS, University of New Hampshire)

Seattle, Washington
•    Lane Stuart Martin (BS, University of Washington)

Tacoma, Washington
•    Cathleen M. Medbury (BS, University of Alaska-Fairbanks)

Lake Mills, Wisconsin
•    Angela L. Wheeler (BS, Portland State University)

Evanston, Wyoming
•    Kadie M. Anderson (BS, University of Wyoming)

Calgary, Alberta (Canada)
•    Susan Elizabeth Jelinski (BSc and MSc, University of Saskatchewan; Ph.D., Memorial University Newfoundland)

Coquitlam, British Columbia (Canada)
•    Tanya I. Neville (BS, Simon Fraser University)

Epsom, England
•    Jennifer R. Mitchell (BS, University of Wisconsin)

Kerpen, Germany
•    Leticia Hillebrand (BS, Oregon State University)

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