CORVALLIS, Ore. - Oregon State University Libraries is being honored for its work in specialized librarianship by the Special Libraries Association.

OSU Libraries is in the top 4 percent of the country in scholarly productivity in the field of special librarianship - librarians who specialize in science, engineering, medicine and architecture, among others.
OSU placed among the top 50 universities, according to a recent study by Tony Stankus and Deborah E. Brown of the University of Arkansas.

Each of the top institutions was honored and presented with a certificate detailing their ranking during a special event at the recent Special Libraries Association's annual conference in Philadelphia. OSU Libraries ranked 35th nationally.

The rankings were based on the number of papers contributed to the literature of special librarianship from 2000-10, and author affiliations of more than 2,000 papers of substantive research or professional commentary in the 11 most cited journals in these areas.
Special Libraries Association is a nonprofit global organization for innovative information and knowledge professionals and their strategic partners. It serves some 10,000 corporate, academic, government, and other information specialists in 75 countries.. For more information, see

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