CORVALLIS, Ore. - A shooting has occurred in Munich, Germany, that according to news media reports as of Friday afternoon, July 22, had left at least six people dead. This incident has prompted inquiries to Oregon State officials about the safety of OSU students, faculty and staff, since the university participates in internship programs in Germany and around the world.

Based on preliminary checks made by Oregon State officials, there are 15 IE3 Global student interns in Germany. Only one of them is in Munich, and the safety of that student has been confirmed.

A number of other student interns are elsewhere in Germany or Europe, including one group in a city more than four hours distant from Munich. They are being contacted to confirm their safety.

One OSU employees is in Stuttgart, about 136 miles from Munich; and two other employees are in, or in transit to Hamburg, more than 475 miles away.

There is no information suggesting that any OSU students, faculty or staff were injured in the Munich incident. University officials will continue to monitor the situation. If there are any changes in that status, a further statement will be made.

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