CORVALLIS, Ore. - The sixth and newest cohort is beginning Accelerate, a program that helps fledgling or startup companies accelerate their products or services into the marketplace.

The cohort includes companies from across Oregon - in Corvallis, Albany, Newport, Eugene, Aurora and Portland - that will work with the Oregon State University Advantage Accelerator/RAIN Corvallis.

"Our ability to draw companies from across the region speaks to our strong reputation in the market, especially within the hard sciences and industrial technology products and services," said Mark Lieberman, chief startup officer for the Advantage Accelerator.

Accelerate is for community members and OSU students, staff, and researchers who intend to establish a privately held, for-profit organization.

The 12 Accelerate companies, which began their 10-week program last week, represent a wide variety of industries and technologies from medical devices to smart home products. They include:

  • Oregon Automation, from Albany, which makes smart home products such as WattWise and WaterWise;
  • JULVIA Technologies Inc., from Corvallis, which is developing sophisticated wound closure technology;
  • Reactor Safety Consulting, from Corvallis, which develops probabilistic risk assessments to evaluate the safety of nuclear reactors;
  • Holistic Dental Repair, from Corvallis, which manufactures a natural teeth-cleansing powder;
  • Keil Estate Charitable Wines, from Aurora, which sells wines with non-profit organizations;
  • SEIJI'S BRIDGE LLC, from Portland, which sells the world's first flying speaker --¬†built into a flying disc;
  • N-Ovative Technologies, from Corvallis, which gives athletes the opportunity to enhance sports performance through holographic technology;
  • Nano3DSystems LLC, from Corvallis, which makes ecologically clean insulator material to advance green buildings;
  • BipH Cell, from Corvallis, which produces electrical capacitors from plentiful, sustainable materials;
  • Tone Command, from Newport, which has created a smartphone app called "ToneTip" enabling media producers to add audio hyperlinks into nearly any audio or video source;
  • Hytchr, from Portland, which is an on-demand photo messaging service powered by blockchain technology; and
  • WildwoodTowers, from Eugene, which makes wooden-based beer towers for tableside service.

"We are very excited about this new cohort," Lieberman said. "This is a very innovative group of entrepreneurs.

"All the clients in our program receive access to a number of great resources, including quality mentorship and business advice, a top notch intern program, Executives in Residence and a powerful network. All these assets work to increase the odds of success and accelerate the speed of bringing products to market."

The OSU Advantage Accelerator is one component of the Oregon Regional Accelerator and Innovation Network, or Oregon RAIN. With support from the Oregon legislature, collaborators on the initiative include OSU; the University of Oregon; the cities of Eugene, Springfield, Corvallis and Albany; and other economic development organizations.


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