Greenhouse gases caused glacial retreat during last Ice Age

Glacial melting during the end of the last Ice Age as a result of rising CO2 levels is now confirming that today's glaciers may largely disappear in coming decades.

OSU ranked third nationally in best places to study natural resources

Oregon State University is ranked third by College Factual in its ranking of “Best Places to Study Natural Resources and Conservation.”

Northwest residents should channel fear of earthquake into pragmatic action

The Northwest will likely get a major earthquake in the near future; rather than take a fatalistic attitude or ignore the threat, residents and communities should begin preparing now, experts say.

Study: Global sea levels have risen six meters or more with just slight global warming

A new review found that sea levels have risen in the past by about 20 feet with an increase in global mean temperatures of only 1-2 degrees (Celsius).

OSU's Abbott named president and director of Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution

Mark Abbott, dean of the College of Earth, Ocean, and Atmospheric Sciences at OSU, has been appointed president and director of the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution effective Oct. 1.

Scientists recruit public to help study "The Blob"

Scientists are seeking help from the public - use of their computers - to aid in a study of the West Coast drought.

Study finds sudden shift in "forcing" led to demise of Laurentide ice sheet

A new study found that a shift in "radiative forcing" led to the demise of the huge Laurentide Ice Sheet that once covered almost all of Canada.

Researchers to complete final deployment of OOI instrumentation this week

OSU scientists will deploy a sophisticated research buoy and two undersea gliders as final pieces of the “Endurance Array,” a major component of the National Science Foundation’s $386 million Ocean Observatories Initiative.

New study: Iceberg influx into Atlantic during ice age raised tropical methane emissions

A new study shows that huge influxes of fresh water into the North Atlantic Ocean from icebergs calving off North America during the last ice age increased methane in tropical wetlands.

New program to train international specialists in water conflict resolution

OSU is a leader in a new international program designed to train students in the art of "hydro-diplomacy" - solving water conflicts.