Medical vital-sign monitoring reduced to the size of a postage stamp

New computer technology has been developed that will allow monitoring of important medical vital signs with a single, small computer chip, instead of large, bulky and expensive instruments.

Engineers win national award for running robots, see vast potential

Jonathan Hurst, an OSU assistant professor of mechanical engineering, has been honored by Popular Mechanics with one of their "Breakthrough Innovator" awards of 2012 for his work in robotics.

Ancient diatoms could make biofuels, electronics and health food

Technology being developed at OSU based on diatoms could help make biofuels from algae more cost effective, while producing other products at the same time.

"Memristors" based on transparent electronics offer technology of the future

Transparent electronics developed at OSU may find another application in replacing some uses of flash memory, a multi-billion dollar industry nearing the limits of what it can do with existing technology.

Microwave ovens may help produce lower cost solar energy technology

Microwave ovens may be used to improve a process that produces solar cells with less energy, expense and environmental concerns, according to researchers at Oregon State University.

Public wave energy test facility begins operation in Oregon

A public wave energy testing facility, the Ocean Sentinel, has begun operation off the Oregon coast, an important step forward in the development of wave energy.

Major advance made in generating electricity from wastewater

Engineers have made a significant advance in the use of microbial fuel cells to produce electricity directly from wastewater, improving their performance 10-50 times over other similar technology.

Alumni pledge $3.5 million to OSU engineering faculty

Oregon State University alumni Mike and Judy Gaulke have committed $3.5 million to create the Michael and Judith Gaulke Chair of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science at OSU.

Research could improve oil recovery, aid environmental cleanup

OSU researchers have made some new findings on an old technique used in oil drilling, which may help produce more oil and also find use in environmental cleanup.

OSU-Cascades grant to study natural gas for vehicle fuel

A researcher at Oregon State University – Cascades will lead a major new research initiative on a vehicle-based natural gas refueling system, a $700,000 project to create technology that would use the vehicle engine itself to compress natural gas.