OSU names Sandra Woods dean of College of Engineering

Sandra Woods, a former Oregon State University environmental engineer who has led the engineering program at Colorado State University for the past seven years, was today named dean of the OSU College of Engineering.

OSU wins third consecutive national championship in Formula SAE

The Global Formula Racing team at Oregon State University recently won for the third consecutive year at Michigan International Speedway, considered the national championship of Formula SAE racing – the only time this has ever happened.

Technology to monitor bird sounds, impacts of environmental change

New technology created at OSU should significantly improve the monitoring of bird sounds in the environment, and how they may be changing due to habitat loss or climate change.

Program announced to advance nuclear energy, new reactor technology

A $47 million award program announced by the U.S. Department of Energy will help support at OSU on research and education in nuclear power.

The "twilight zone" of traffic costs lives at stoplight intersections

Driver uncertainty when approaching a yellow light at intersections can cause accidents, and researchers have developed a new way to help address that problem.

"Negative refraction" opens avenue to new products and industries

A way to produce low-cost "negative refraction" of light has the potential to create new jobs and industries, and even some products that researchers have theorized about for decades but never commercially developed.

For disaster debris arriving from Japan, radiation least of the concerns

Debris arriving later this year from Japan on U.S. and Canadian shores from the tsunami in Japan in 2011 should pose no danger from radioactive contamination.