Methodology could lead to more sustainable manufacturing systems

OSU engineers have created a "sustainable development methodology" to help make manufacturing processes more environmentally conscious, less wasteful and socially sustainable.

Microchannel systems could boost future of solar thermal electricity

OSU has received a $2.5 million grant to use microchannel technology to enhance the performance of solar thermal power plants.

"Quantum dot" technology may help light the future

OSU advances in the manufacturing of "quantum dots" could lead to wider use of energy efficient LED lighting around the nation, as well as many other electronic applications.

Northwest residents should channel fear of earthquake into pragmatic action

The Northwest will likely get a major earthquake in the near future; rather than take a fatalistic attitude or ignore the threat, residents and communities should begin preparing now, experts say.

Gift establishes professorship in "humanitarian engineering" at Oregon State

Oregon State University’s humanitarian engineering program now has one of the nation’s only endowed professorships in this emerging field.

Tough tail of a seahorse may provide robotic solutions

The odd, square tail of the seahorse is inspiring a new approach to robotics that may combine both strength and flexibility.

New technology using silver may hold key to electronics advances

OSU engineers have created a way to use silver in printed electronics, with many possible applications in microelectronics, transparent electronics and other uses.

Inspired by humans, a robot takes a walk in the grass

OSU engineers have field tested a walking robot which uses a technology that they believe more closely resembles human locomotion than any other existing system.

OSU to help produce "Grand Challenge Engineers" of the future

OSU is part of a major national initiative to train more than 20,000 "Grand Challenge Engineers" who could help address some of the most pressing societal concerns in the world.

OSU to join National Science Foundation "Innovation Corps"

OSU has been chosen to be one of 36 academic institutions in the nation that's an Innovation Corps Site, part of a program operated by the National Science Foundation.